Talent management

Fundament lifts your business to a higher level.

Support for your HR & retention policy

People are the strongest link in the chain that binds your company together. Using talent management, Fundament aims to identify the best features of your human capital and helps fuel the potential of your human capital.

By identifying potential and making assessments, Fundament is able to objective determine where each individual’s unique talents, strengths, ambitions and points for development lie.

A professional approach that works

Using our assessment tools and in-depth interviews that focus on skills Fundament carries out a detailed personality analysis. Based on this analysis, Fundament provides objective and well-reasoned advice about the individual’s potential.

  • Identifying potential
  • Assessments
  • In-depth interviews
  • Advice
  • Human Capital
  • Retention
  • Insights Discovery
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Fundament aims for growing business quality.

Professional coaching

Employees are the beating heart of any company and so they deserve the coaching they need. Working via individual professional coaching, Fundament focuses on the personal development of talented employees.

By working in this way, Fundament offers them the greatest opportunity to bring their strengths to the fore and develop both themselves and their professional career within the company. Without doubt, professional coaching helps generate increased business quality.

Accredited coach

Katrien Decostere, business manager and coach at Fundament, is a professional coach. She is a graduate from the Jef Clement coaching institute at the Artevelde University College Ghent and uses the ‘GRROW model’. Katrien is also an accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner.

  • Individual coaching
  • Personal development
  • Self-development
  • Business quality
  • GRROW model
  • Insights Discovery
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Recruitment & selection

Fundament finds the right person for the right job at the right time in the right business culture.

Your partner for recruiting salaried staff and managers.

Fundament has many years of expertise in recruiting and selecting salaried staff and managers. As a professional partner, Fundament aims to achieve long-term collaboration, both for the employer and the employee. In our search for the right candidate, Fundament takes account of the wishes and expectations within the company’s business culture. Fundament supports both the company and the candidate throughout the entire recruitment process.

  • Years of expertise
  • Salaried employees
  • Managers
  • Selection
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